T H A N E  &  P R O S E  P R E S S  W A S  F O U N D E D  I  N  N E W  Y O R K  C I T Y  I N  2 0 0 9

Thane & Prose Press is a literary imprint committed to quality publishing,
both in the excellence of its authors and the quality of the production of its books.

Established in 2009 by N. Thane Boulton, Thane & Prose Press is distinguished both by new authors of fiction and nonfiction, as well as the authors Thane has published for many years—writers who have been staunchly supported by booksellers and reviewers.

The future of the printed word has been the subject of much debate, led mostly by a chorus chanting its certain extinction. Thane & Prose Press believes that the quality of an engaging and well written work of fiction, poetry or nonfiction is not diluted by any one method of printing or display. Therefore, Thane & Prose Press acquires the author’s work for traditional soft and hardback print publication, and distributes to over 39,000 retailers, libraries, distributors, and educational institutions worldwide. In conjunction, Thane & Prose Press publishes its titles digitally across 70 different digital platforms, including iPad, Kobo, Kindle, and Nook.

Thane & Prose Press is also dedicated to the development of young authors; pursuant to that, the press awards an annual Thane & Prose Young Authors Grant to the one writer whose work we and our advisory board of university creative writing professors, literary journalists, and other published authors determine is an exceptional work worthy of publication. The grant provides authors with manuscript development, in the common case of partial manuscripts; complete manuscript editorial services; the publication of their title; 100% of their royalties; and the marketing and promotion of their book.

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