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The Unworthy Gender by N. H. Sakhia. In a society corrupted by violence and thwarted by a backlash of postwar Islamic extremism, there is no honest government to turn to. The owner of a large estate in Pakistan, with an even larger amount of power, calls for a trial with unspeakable consequences after the son of his servants is wrongfully accused of molesting his daughter. Later, the leader of the town’s largest mosque, renowned for his firebrand sermons and radical Muslim idealism, is called forth to gather the jury, along with a morally conflicted journalist. In this heart-wrenching account of hellish circumstance, N. H. Sakhia critiques issues of patriarchy, the mistreatment of women, and a debased Muslim government—all with an insurmountable compassion for its people, the culture, and an unrelenting hope for a better life.

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