• PRE-ORDER: The New Yorkers by Bill Wadman


    The New Yorkers by Bill Wadman. It was famously said that there are eight million stories in the Naked City; indeed, The New Yorkers proves it.

    New York City serves as casting director, muse and backdrop for this eclectic tome of iconoclastic portraits, illustrating the beauty, madness, and outrageousness of some of New York's most creative souls. Wadman, a widely featured and Times of London celebrated photographer, assembles writers and directors, housewives and hipsters to leap off of the page in nearly electric color.

    The net effect? A storybook of photography that illuminates the restless epicenter of America's favorite city.

    P R E - O R D E R  Y O U R  C O P Y  F O R  S E P T E M B E R  D E L I V E R Y